We’re veterinarians, we’re horse owners, we’re competitors and we’re horse lovers. We’re the Boehringer Ingelheim team behind the Outbreak Alert program.

Just like you, we find it frustrating to sift through so much misinformation and noise to find equine disease information that’s current, reliable and relevant. But what really troubles us is the number of horses that get sick or even die, year after year, from diseases that may have been avoided with proper vaccination and better access to risk information.

This isn’t a situation our community should accept. And the Outbreak Alert program has a few simple goals to help us change it:

  • We want every horse owner to understand the importance of working with a local veterinarian to create a vaccination plan for the major preventable equine diseases.
  • We want to provide tools and support to help protect every horse, every year.
  • We want everyone to have the ability to manage disease risk with personalized outbreak alerts that deliver verified, relevant outbreak information as soon as possible.